Who Are We?

Remote Recruitment is a team of recruitment specialists who specialises in placing top talent from South Africa as full-time remote staff to gap the UK skills shortage. We use our experience and artificial intelligence to ensure you get the right candidate.

Connecting Businesses with Top-Tier Remote Professionals

We offer a fast recruitment service, connecting businesses with the best talent available. We offer flexible work arrangements ranging from 10 to 40 hours per week. By partnering with us, SMEs gain exclusive access to a pool of top-tier talent, ensuring they attract and onboard highly skilled individuals in their respective fields swiftly. Additionally, our comprehensive services take care of contracts, HR, and wages, allowing SMEs to save up to 40% on hiring costs while focusing on their core operations. With our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional talent, businesses can thrive and achieve their goals seamlessly through our best-in-class remote recruitment services.

What We Offer Employers

We offer fast recruitment of highly skilled professionals at competitive rates. Simply submit your job requirements for free, and we’ll provide top candidates for you to interview. You only pay upon successful placement.

Permanent Placements

We match talent with flexible remote jobs.

Fixed Duration Placements

Hire skills on demand for a specific time frame

Virtual Assistants

We offer virtual assistants for tasks.

Do you need us to load your job or didn’t find what you were looking for? Email us and we’ll call you right back.

Our Recruitment Process

Remote Recruitment advertises, identifies candidates based on your needs and preferences and handles the interview process with you. 

best talent recruitment

Initial Assessment

best talent recruitment

Candidate Sourcing

best talent recruitment

Candidate Screening

best talent recruitment

Job Offer

best talent recruitment


best talent recruitment


Our Story

In 2019, our CEO, Emily van Eyssen, saw the opportunity to leverage her extensive knowledge and passion for remote work to optimise the workforce of businesses worldwide.

“My upbringing in both South Africa and the UK provided me with a unique perspective on talent acquisition. I understood the value of connecting highly skilled professionals from South Africa with global businesses in need of their expertise. With Remote Recruitment, I set out to revolutionise the recruitment process and bridge the gap between businesses and remote professionals.”

The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to adapt quickly and embrace remote work as a necessity. Remote Recruitment became a trusted partner in this transition, offering tailored solutions to find the perfect matches between businesses and remote professionals. We understood that the success of remote work hinges on finding the right talent to seamlessly integrate into a company’s culture and operations. At Remote Recruitment, we go beyond the initial placement. We believe in the importance of long-term success, which is why we offer the unique guarantee of free candidate replacement for up to a year. We want businesses to feel secure in their decision and have the flexibility to adjust their workforce as needed.

Collaborating with Remote Recruitment means navigating the evolving business landscape with confidence. We empower businesses to embrace the power of remote work, unlocking enhanced productivity and driving growth. Together, we can navigate the challenges of remote work and seize the opportunities it presents.

Join me, Emily van Eyssen, and the team at Remote Recruitment on this transformative journey. Let’s harness the power of remote work, tap into the global talent pool, and shape the future of work for the better.

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