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Flexible work boosts quality of life, staff retention, and productivity.

We create long-term connections between job seekers and companies.

Welcome to a new era where technology allows employers to measure productivity instead of just monitoring if employees are physically present. This means companies can better appreciate that their workers have personal lives outside of work, and still deliver high-quality results through flexible work arrangements.

What is a permanent employee?

A permanent employee has an indefinite job term and can be terminated by either the employer or employee with notice.

Can a permanent employee have flexibility?

Full-time workers can have flexible work arrangements, such as working from home or having reduced hours.

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Just Some Of The Skills Available

We help you retain remote talent by offering free replacements within 12 months* should it be required

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Appointment Setters

A remote appointment setter schedules meetings digitally, reaching out to prospects and coordinating schedules remotely.

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Executive Assistants

A remote executive assistant provides virtual administrative support, managing calendars and tasks from a distance.

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A remote admin person efficiently handles scheduling, emails, and customer service using digital tools, ensuring smooth operations for businesses and individuals.

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A remote sales person expands business reach by connecting with customers digitally. They manage leads, close deals remotely, and adapt to different time zones, driving growth without needing a physical presence.

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A remote marketing person promotes businesses digitally, managing strategies, content, and analytics from anywhere, offering flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

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Operational Managers

A remote operational manager oversees business processes remotely, optimising efficiencies and coordinating teams digitally for smooth operations.

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