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Flexible work boosts quality of life, staff retention, and productivity.

We create long-term connections between job seekers and companies.

Welcome to a new era where technology allows employers to measure productivity instead of just monitoring if employees are physically present. This means companies can better appreciate that their workers have personal lives outside of work, and still deliver high-quality results through flexible work arrangements.

As an employer who values a balance between work and personal life, you can choose how flexible you want to be with your employees.

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Ready to unlock the potential of remote talent from South Africa for your UK business? Partner with Remote Recruitment today and experience the benefits of accessing exceptional professionals while saving up to 40% on hiring costs. Our expertise in sourcing talent across various field of practise.

What is a permanent employee?

A permanent employee has an indefinite job term and can be terminated by either the employer or employee with notice.

Can a permanent employee have flexibility?

Full-time workers can have flexible work arrangements, such as working from home or having reduced hours.

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